Update: Too Many Games, RESISTOR_ printing, and more!

Hello, Cardboard Fortress Games fans! We’ve got another long-awaited update for you. There’s been a lot going on!

too many games

Last weekend, we attended local convention Too Many Games, which was a blast! So many of our friends were there showing off games as well, and we got to spend a lot of quality time with them. Aaron Chapin of Space Whale Studios was gracious enough to give us rides there and back, and we had a massive dinner Friday night with him, Eye4Games (who came into town from Boston and stayed with us!), 9th Level, Formal Ferret Games, Spriteborne, and indie dev Halsted Larrson. A small dinner turned into a grand affair, and we were so happy about it.


Pxlplz sponsored an indie mixer on Saturday night as well, which was supposed to be poolside, but the rain kept us inside. We just played games all night instead. We weren’t deterred!

The event itself was amazing. Last year, we didn’t get many people playing our games – it seemed that most of the crowd was there to play video games. But this year, we were constantly busy! We had three games to show off – Kobolds!, RESISTOR_, and our new prototype game, tenatively called Kombiner. People were waiting in line to play our games! In fact, Kobolds! was our most played game this convention. Every time a group finished playing, another group was waiting to sit down. We even won two awards from the Caffeine Crew – one for Best Developer, and one for Best Game – Kobolds!

caffiene crew

They also did a great write up of Too Many Games, and we’re in it at the very bottom! So check that out for more details.

We had very few people win Kobolds! this weekend, but those who did win were super excited about it. Here’s the only group that won in a four-player game! They were so excited to play! In fact, the reason they played was because one of them played a solo game, lost, and brought all of his friends back with him. “You have to play this game,” he said to them. “It’s impossible!”

kobold winners

That doesn’t mean RESISTOR_ and Kombiner didn’t get any love – in fact, people were really into Kombiner, and we had more than a few people play RESISTOR_, including people who had backed it on Kickstarter but not played it yet. It was so exciting to watch them play it for the first time!

Speaking of RESISTOR_, we’ve got some news from the printer. AdMagic let us know that our physical proofs are on their way to us. Once we approve those, printing starts, and then the copies will get shipped to Level 99 Games, who will then fulfill the Kickstarter and start shipping out pre-orders. We’re hoping to have some copies for Gen Con, for which we’ll be demoing and running a tournament. In fact, if you’ll be at Gen Con, and want to sign up for the tournament, or even just to check the game out, you can do it now!

All that being said, we aren’t 100% sure that the game will be in backers’ hands by the end of this month. This is a huge bummer for us, as we wanted our fans to have the game before Gen Con, and we also wanted to be able to have some copies of the game available for sale. We’re not sure if this is going to happen. But, rest assured, if it does happen, and you’d like us to sign your copy, please don’t hesitate to ask! We love our fans, and we’re honored to have the chance to sign the game. Even if it’s not available by Gen Con, if you see us at any other cons, we’d be glad to sign copies!

That’s all for now. Our next event will be Gen Con, where we’ll be dividing our time between the Tabletop Co-op, Level 99 Games, and Cheese Weasel. Come find us and say hello!

Signing off…


PS – We also met Mega Ran at Too Many Games, and it was Mega RAD!


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