Colossal update!

Hello there, faithful fans! We have been intensely busy these last 7 months! It’s been incredible!

Photo credit: Jorge Pina!
Photo credit: Jorge Pina!

In October, RESISTOR_ was mailed out to backers and started being sold in stores and online at Level 99 Games, Amazon, and even Cool Stuff Inc.

Photo credit: Eric Smith!
Photo credit: Eric Smith!

We even had a small party at our Friendly Local Game Store, Redcap’s Corner, to celebrate! We held a tournament, ate pizza, and took lots of great photos with fans and friends. It was a wonderful time!

redcaps corner resistor release party Website Image 3

We’ve also been hard at work on some of other game designs. The next game we’re trying to get published is Kobolds, our cooperative board game. We’ve tested it hundreds of times and we’re hoping to get it out of our hands and onto your tables as soon as we can.

bgg con kobolds Websire Image 4

We’ve been all over these last few months, going to tons of shows – Gen Con, Boston FIG, TopatoCon, South Jersey Geek Fest, Metatopia, and even BGG.con down in Texas!

south jersey geek fest Website image 5

We also did a handful of UnPub Minis, were at the Philly Game Forge Snowcase, were on a panel at Bryn Mawr Library and hosted a game day, hosted a Game Developer Day at Atomic City Comics, and then headed back to Texas in January for PAX South to be a part of the amazing Tabletop Co-op again. We’ve had so many events!

pax south collage Web Image 6

Our next big event is UnPub 6 in Baltimore in April, and then, a few weeks later, we’ll be at PAX East, and then we’ll be hosting an International Tabletop Day event.

unpub mini bloodle Wensite Image 7

We’re going to try to update this more often, and to keep track of all the press about us and our games. Check back soon!

-Nicole & Anthony, Cardboard Fortress Games


  1. Steve Valladolid says:

    I like the new art on Kismet Dice from when I played it at BGGCon. Have there been any rules changes to go along with it? Cool game, I hope you find a publisher.

  2. Nicole says:

    Hi Steve! We actually very recently implemented some pretty big changes to it! Will you be at Gen Con? We should have it on hand with us there!

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