Brand new prototype from Game Crafter!

Hello, fans of RESISTOR_! We have an amazing new prototype that we just ordered through Game Crafter. We’re excited to share it with you! Just hit the jump to see lots of images. Here’s a teaser:

2014-08-04 18.16.00

Since we’ve been having some production issues, Anthony went ahead and made a simple tuck box design, but with a twist. First, let’s start with all of the components we ordered:

2014-08-04 18.18.03

There, you can see the box, the instructions, and all of the cards.

2014-08-04 18.26.01

Here’s the box! I love this thing.

2014-08-04 18.24.14

That’s a close up of the instructions. Look at that beauty! Since Game Crafter didn’t have an accordion option, Anthony turned it into a booklet.

2014-08-04 18.23.04

Here are a few play cards.

2014-08-04 18.21.44

These are the action cards.

2014-08-04 18.21.05

This is the new base card design Anthony came up with. In playtesting, one of the frequent comments we got in our feedback was that the base cards were too confusing. We hope this new design will clear that up!

2014-08-04 18.19.52

These are the new cards that are designed to be cut up, folded, and used to hold up the deck and the cards in your hand. Here they are in action:

2014-08-04 18.41.34

2014-08-04 18.42.20

The stands for the cards were also a result of feedback from players who said they didn’t know what to do with their cards if they needed to put them down. The stand for the deck is an idea Anthony had that would make the box easier to design (we’re hearing repeatedly from printers that it’s going to be the most difficult part of the design to create).

What do you think of all of this? Leave us your comments below!


  1. Keith says:

    There’s not a thing I don’t love about this game (except for the fact that I’m not playing it right now). I love the box design. I love the stands to keep everything organized. Great job, guys. Really awesome stuff.

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