Author: Nicole

First pre-Kickstarter RESISTOR_ review!

Hello, fans of Cardboard Fortress Games! We have been extremely busy lately trying to get everything ready for Kickstarter. We were hoping to launch in mid to late January, but we’ve been delayed by quite a few things. We’re still getting our business set up, and we’re trying to finalize our manufacturing costs, as well as finish creating the Kickstarter page itself. We’re still working as hard as we can and will keep you updated.

In preparation for Kickstarter, we sent out some review copies around the world, and our first review has come in. It’s from the Windsor Gaming Resource, written by Moe Tousignant! And I love the title: I don’t think I’m going to be able to resist RESISTOR_. Perfect!

We’ll be posting more updates soon. For now, here’s an image of all the prototype copies about to travel to distant places: Read more

New box design

Greetings, Cardboard Fortress Games fans! We’ve been hard at work over here getting our Kickstarter prepped and ready to go. We’ve also been getting review copies ready to go out to the press. Since the company we use to make our prototypes doesn’t make boxes, Anthony creates every single one by hand. He just made newer, smaller, sleeker boxes, and I took some pictures. Hit the jump to see them!

I hope you’re all doing well! Happy holidays from us here at CFG. We’re hoping to launch the Kickstarter very, very soon. Sign up for our mailing list on the right, Like us on Facebook, or Follow us on Twitter to be among the first to know!

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Board Game Geek page and new art!

Hello, everyone! We’ve been quiet lately because we’ve been working hard getting the Kickstarter prepared, setting up our company, working on new art, and trying to learn all the ins and outs of contacting reviewers. It’s been a lot of fun but a ton of work!

We’ve set up a Board Game Geek page for RESISTOR_, so please go and become a fan, subscribe, and if you’ve played the game, please rate it! That would be really wonderful.

We also received our new prototype with Anthony’s new artwork! Hit the jump to check it out. Read more

Post-Boston FIG Interview with Guys Games and Beer

The awesome guys at Guys Games and Beer interviewed us at Boston FIG (and gave us some tasty beer!), but their sound wasn’t good, so they asked us to do another interview over Skype! We had a blast with them discussing RESISTOR_, how we came up with the name of our company, and, of course, what we plan to do with those infamous hats. Oh, and how Larry is planning on cheating at the game. I am really looking forward to seeing how he’s going to do that!

Check out the video and/or audio at their website. They have some awesome pictures of RESISTOR_ on their Facebook page, too. Check that out, and their other Boston FIG pics!

Boston FIG Interview with Just Press Start

Just Press Start interviewed Anthony at Boston FIG! The full interview can be found at their website. They called him Anthony Kline instead of Anthony Amato, but he said they had already started recording and went into questions, so he didn’t want to correct them.

For Just Press Start’s full review of their time at Boston FIG, check out their notes from the show floor.

Sorry for the radio silence – we’ve been working hard on the game and the company. We’ll have more info soon!

Our first Boston FIG experience

On Saturday, September 13th, Anthony and I exhibited at the Boston Festival of Indie Games (Boston FIG for short). We had a great time! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures at all, because we had a table large enough to run two games of RESISTOR_ simultaneously, and we were almost always running two games. It was exhausting, but really fun! We saw so many people we knew – and I mean beyond our Philly buddies we went up there with, who we love hanging out with no matter what state we’re in. Read more

Our experience in the Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX Prime

Cardboard Fortress’ RESISTOR_ was chosen for the Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX Prime, and we had a complete blast while we were there. PAX Prime ran from Friday, August 29th to Monday, September 1st. We had exhibited at much smaller events, but this was like nothing we had ever experienced before. We showed the game to hundreds of people, including a few guys who played the game last year when we were showing it off on index cards. We even had a contest on the last day for people who wanted our hats! It was an amazing time, and we took plenty of pictures! Hit the jump for a full description, including loads of images.

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